If tabbar.el is used when editing C++ sources, it is annoying to switch between “C” group containing .h files and “C++” group with .cxx files. The following function groups c-mode and c++-mode buffers to one group.

(defun tabbar-buffer-groups-wsh ()
  "Return the list of group names the current buffer belongs to.
Calls original function, but overrides it for C and C++ files to
belong to one group."
  (if (or (equal major-mode 'c-mode)
      (equal major-mode 'c++-mode))
      (list "C/C++") (tabbar-buffer-groups)))

(setq tabbar-buffer-groups-function 'tabbar-buffer-groups-wsh)

Windows Shell Integration

Add emacs-integration.reg to your registry. Do not forget to modify the path in the file to match your emacs installation.

Replace Something with Newline

C-q C-j